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Hi Alison
Did you know that our kids are having more than twice as much
sugar as they should? Back to school is the perfect time to
make a fresh start and we have lots of easy tips for how you
can cut down on the amount of sugar they are having.
Start making simple swaps from higher to lower-sugar products
for breakfast, lunchboxes and after-school snacks.
Making just one or two everyday swaps can really make a
difference to how much sugar your child is eating and drinking.
Let's make a school day swap
Start the day right by giving the kids a good breakfast.
Lower-sugar cereals like porridge, wheat biscuits and
no added sugar muesli, or yoghurts, fruit and
wholemeal toast are all good breakfast options!
Make a lunchbox swap
Get your kids excited about what's in their lunchbox by
getting them to help you make them.
When making sandwiches, try swapping white bread
for wholegrain, which will help your children feel fuller
for longer. Add a piece of fruit and if your kids like a
sweet treat, swap cakes and biscuits for malt loaf or a
fruited teacake.
We all know kids raid the cupboards after school.
Try having a fruit bowl in the house so fruity snacks are
always nearby. If you're shopping for packaged snacks
for your children, why not try malt loaf or popcorn?
Or lower-sugar fromage frais and yoghurt.
Take me to school day swaps
Take me to school day swaps
It's easy to choose lower-sugar products
at the supermarket!
Most products have traffic light labels on the front of the pack.
Pick the ones that have a green light for sugar, and steer clear of reds.
Look for the Change4Life
'Good Choice' badge,
found on some healthier options
Use the free Change4Life Food Scanner app to find out how much sugar is in products.
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We asked our community how they make their kids'
breakfasts, lunchboxes and snacks lower in sugar...
Got a great idea for a swap? Share it with the community!
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