Sherri Tyler - laute Rockmusik und stille Meditation

28.5.2020 18:45, Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz, SWR Television
World Peace is the dream of singer Sherri Tyler, who came to Hundheim in the Hunsrück from the USA. She moves gracefully between rock music and meditation.

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Through the use of colourful, philosophical, emotionally appealing, monumental Light Art Sculptures with a lighthouse effect, placed or installed in famous places around the world, with hundreds of thousands of square meters. This is our global concept and is a strong tool to call for peace. The artist R.O.Schabbach inspires the imagination of the viewer with his themes and compositions. This generates an awareness to take personal responsibility to find and have peace within oneself, generating peace in our surroundings and beyond borders. It encourages us to use our awareness and attune our actions to achieve a more joyous, peaceful and loving world.

Every permanent or temporary R.O.Schabbach Light Art Sculptures that you order helps to support our peace movement projects in crisis-ridden regions of the world. Any corporation, individual, etc. can book these, for example, for display on corporate buildings, bridges, historic buildings, towers and wind turbines, public squares, churches, castles, palaces, indoor spaces, gardens and parks, industrial plants, large-scale ground installations, private homes and many more. They can all be used to install Light Art Sculptures for „Love & Light for World Peace“. You name it and we will work out a customized concept for your place of choice.

So please help us to implement these light art sculptures for peace. These projects of yours help to fund our actions in countries marked by war, terror and where people desperately need a sign of hope, re-orientation and reconstruction. Please know that the power and the will for a new beginning lie in the faith of a future in peace and love.

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Sherri Tyler

American singer and Founder of the “Love & Light for World Peace” Movement. Sherri established this initiative with the intention to spread more peace, tolerance, understanding & love in the world.

"We ask you all with love and gratitude to shine your light in any way you feel is right for you... light a candle, meditate and know that peace and love begin within each one of us.

Our dream is to inspire people to think positively and live in joy by choosing loving thoughts and feelings that empower us. We believe that when more than half of the people in our world are living in love, that we will see negativity disappear from our planet, and then we will live in peace. Each one of us is a powerful co-creator and we are all one! Please join us and help be the peace we all wish to see in the world.“

R.O. Schabbach

International artist, philosopher, philanthropist and founder of the “Love & Light for World Peace“ Movement. He believes in the good in mankind and in the power of artistic expression and concepts...
“Colours and shapes move the soul“.

Richard Manuel

Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer, main developer of our website and our internet connection to the world. Always a good and reliable friend and supporter of Love & Light for World Peace.

Alois Lehnen

Entrepreneur, developer, constructer and close friend of the family. The head and heart of the technical construction of R.O. Schabbach's "ROjectors" especially developed projectors specifically made for him to make the magical light art sculptures for Love & Light for World Peace.

Princess Shiva

Peace ambassador of „Love & Light for World Peace“ Movement for kids. Always there when it comes to helping others and a fountain of creativity, not only in humanitarian areas.
"Children are the future and we can only have them if we can create peace and give love"