How to Fix iOS 11 Problems

Many users have reported many issues with the new iOS 11 for iPads and iPhones. Luckily, Apple has recently released the new stable operating system, iOS 11.3, which fixes many major issues. Although even with the new fixes, iOS 11.3 still has many problems. Luckily, most of these can be fixed which a few minor tweaks to the phone's settings and infrastructure.

Poor Performance

The most prominent issue with iOS 11 is the poor performance. Your device can be incredibly slow and can reach a point where your phone or tablet is near unusable. Typically, this issue is worse on older Apple devices including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Unfortunately, the limited settings don't allow you to speed up your phone through manual optimization. Luckily, a major cause of sluggish devices is a filled disk space. This can easily be fixed through the settings app. Just located the storage setting in the general tab and clear out useless applications, videos, photos, and music. If your device is still slow, you may want to backup your device and do a complete factory reset.


Another major issue with iOS 11 is the continuous crashing of the device. In most cases, the device would crash and then restart, making simple tasks incredibly difficult to complete. The smart device would often crash when users have the messaging or email app open. Luckily, this issue has a quick fix. Instead of opening the messaging or email app normally, you should access the app through a drop-down notification. This method has been proven effective in preventing crashes. Although this issue has been resolved with the newest 11.3 update for most devices.

Wi-Fi Connection

One of the most important parts of a functioning mobile phone is a solid Wi-Fi connection. With the new iOS 11 update, many people have been experiencing difficulty connecting to this personal Wi-Fi. The quickest fix to this issue is restarting your phone, but this is only temporarily. In order to fix this issue for the long term, you should reset the network settings on your phone. If the issue is still not fixed, you should try to update your device or restore your OS to an older version.

Poor Battery Life

Everybody's nightmare is a smartphone with a bad battery life. Unfortunately, this is another well know issue with iOS 11 devices. For starters, make sure that you have all unnecessary setting turned off. This includes lowering your screen brightness, turning off WiFi and disabling Bluetooth. If this still doesn't fix the issue, go to the settings app and allocate the battery tab. From there, you will be able to see which apps are draining the most battery. Once you identify them, either uninstall the app or figure out why it is using so much power.


Sometimes iOS 11 users have reported their phone overheating. Unfortunately, this may not be at the fault of the device's software. Chances are, your device is working too hard for numerous reasons. The easiest solution for this is turning off your device for a few minutes and keeping it away from the sun.