IPython Notebook

This is your simulation notebook.

You can use this notebook to add notes about your simulation or even code to interact with your robot.

Code example

See below how it works executing some python code. Click on the next cell, press Ctrl+Enter and see the result.

In [ ]:
a = 1+1
print a

Interact with your simulation

If you already knows python, you know how to integrate it to a ROS environment. It is also possible to do it in here, take a look below:

In [ ]:
import rospy

print 'Hello from IPython to ROS'

print rospy.get_param('/rosdistro')

print rospy.get_param('/rosversion')

How to edit?

If you double-click here, you will be able to edit this cell. To get out of the editor mode, press Ctrl+Enter.

Explore the top bar to use all its functionalities.

More about IPython notebooks: https://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/interactive/tutorial.html

Save you IPython work

To avoid losing your notebook changes save first the notebook with its saving icon

Notebook saving icon

and then click the general saving icon

Workspace saving icon

at the bottom to save all your project to the cloud.